GÜRMADEN Mikronize Endüstriyel Hammaddeler Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. has gained a right place in the sector thanks to its ability of producing high added valued products. A GÜR MADEN GURCARB product is a preferred brand by the plastic, paint, paper, cable etc. sectors. We have marketed 40 different products of various properties and types to both foreign and domestic markets.  

Gürmaden Calcite which does not pollutes environment, has no direct hazardous effect to human health is one of “indispensable valued” minerals of our country. Our products have no hazardous effect to human health although they are used in many fields of Industry, or the contrary, they are enviroment friendly products because they decrease use of many hazardous chemicals. We have also proved our sensitivity for Nature and its products with my production which we implemented without polluting environment.

Following state of the art technology, contribution to our costumers in optimum level, respect to environment, and reasonable usage of our sources for the future, consciousness-raising and continuous training are the main principals of us.
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